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A & M can assist you with most of your day-to-day accounting needs. That includes services such as gathering the information from your bank statements and other accounting records to prepare a financial statement in an understandable format to help you gauge your financial success and manage your business. Do you need assistance in preparing checks to pay your vendors or invoices to your customers for the services you provide? We can do that too.

Payroll can be one of the more challenging aspects of running a business. Our professionals can process your payroll from start to finish. We can provide direct deposit service for your employees’ pay checks and can take care of remitting your tax deposits, retirement plan withholding, garnishments and other deductions from the employees’ pay checks. We provide full reporting for you to record the payroll to your books and prepare all necessary federal and state payroll tax returns and year-end W-2 forms. Our payroll expertise extends to all states within the United States.

The year end can be a challenging time with all of the regulatory reporting your business has to comply with. Let A & M help by preparing your 1099 forms and mailing them for you. Our professionals can even help with preparation of the required reporting for the Affordable Care Act.

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